The Corrupt Church, Show Their Father Satan True Traits, Setting Inside Churches Casting A Burden On The American People Shoulders & Will Not Lift A Finger To Lighten The Load. Send Out Church Members To Stalk Innocent Civilians Stealing, Killing, & Destroying Destinies.

Local Pastors Who Help Bishop Ernest Burns Stalk an Innocent Civilians. Almost two years ago I tried to have charges filed on Bishop Ernest Burns, the Magistrate Judge Gerald Johnson, said “I did not have a right to petition the court to have his license to preach revoked & because I put a flyer on a pole across the street from the church that was considered stalking.”

I’ve constantly tried to have Bishop Ernest Burns incarcerated for the constant lies due sexual favoritism Janet Kinsey being his secret girlfriend imposed the lie I was sleeping with him. Janet Kinsey went to the courthouse on private visit rendering sexual favoritism that influenced the courts to help file false charges on my name. In return Bishop Ernest Burns helped Janet Kinsey Son get signed with the Tennessee Titans, this was a promise to Habersham Courts & School system their children would have a promising future.

In 2016 Shane Kinsey came to my home in Gainesville Ga, with a lawyer & legal paper telling me to sign over my parental rights as Jim Barnett III mother. They forced my 16 year old son out my home. These grown men used my 16 year old son to have sex with Janet Kinsey. Stripping him of his innocence, a mother son bond, & robbed him of his sports career.

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