Church Lies, Jentzen Franklin Is Unstable Manager, Who Cannot Manage A Restaurant Let Alone Be A World Leader. Leeches In The Pulpit Who Feeds Off The Intelligence Of Other By Belittling You.

The lies governments officials will tell, they have this young lady in drug recovery as Hiley/Nicki Minaj. Recently the government put Ernest Burns Stalking charges on my record & now trying to force me to undergo their mental health evaluation. Officer Brock Will be attending a government gathering wild party, sex, & drugs this weekend. They force innocent civilians to take state officials drug test.

These Tv Shows like Ambition, Power, & Empire has ruined lives.

Jentzen Franklin/Travis the manager had the audacity to tell me “you cannot leave,” because he do not know how to be a manager, basically going to tell me you have to work for Amber. They got me in Officer Brock mental recovery drug class.

This the games government & churches play.

Adolescent minded people who helped Assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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