Dream Team Fugitive Hiding Inside Churches, Colleges, & Government Buildings, Real Criminals Who Got Away With The Assassination Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Satan Kingdom Here On Earth, Ephesians 6:12 Corporation.

The five points of Satan pentagram star gateway to Hell, represents the five piercings that Christ received on the cross. Satan said “how are you knocking on his door? The access to his door is through Jesus.”
Since the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther Jr., Satan said “I sent oppression & twisted everything up to make the nation worship me.” Satan had to wait on a true saint would war as he suffered with Christ to loose the truth.

Mars Hill Church Planting…

Have you ever wondered why us there a church on every corner?

The reason they want to send Bishops Ernest Burns wife out to preach at different churches, there are people in those churches who help coverup & them escape after they Assassinated Dr. King Jr.

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