Juanita Bynum Scripture Abuse; How She Witchcraft & Voodoo, Sarah Gave Her Concubine Hagar To Abraham & Leah Fave Zilpah To Jacob To Have Children Love Spells.

Have you ever wonder why your relationship has not ever been stable? Well! I have been called, sent, & equipped in spiritual battle to tell you why. JuJu Witches is what they are called cast love spells through prostitution, breaking real relationships up, so the mistress can have your life.

Satan revealed I do not have anything to give my worshippers so I had to steal yours. Satan steal from the true sons & daughter of God to give to his worshippers.

Today modern JuJu Witches love spells, women obtain love, marriage, fame, & wealth by allowing their guy/boyfriends to cheat with you. Therefore the new infatuation, the guy has for the other female, his real lady starts acting like you suddenly he breaks up with his ex as you. Now their in love, your life & identity, your now married single. The wife heart breaks miserable poverty lifestyle now yours.

This is how Juanita Bynum, Gizelle Bryant, Vicki Burns, Janet Jackson & countless celebrities 1st Ladies have obtained wealth & marriage.

Dr. Juanita Bynum, sent Alyssa Ellis to have kids by Damaine as me. For years this young lady has lived with this man as Hiley & Topaz Bryant lived as Hiley. Juanita Bynum planned her future out, her plans was to marry off Topaz Bryant through Alyssa/Hiley broken relationship with Damain. Mother daughter marriage, Juanita Bynum had plan to marry spiritual father Jamal Bryant, only to collect spouses death insurance. After Hiley had sex with Jamal Bryant, lives would be intertwined, Juanita gets married, Hiley becomes her concubine Prostitute forced to sleep around in the church.

The silly love hate game the church play, sleeping with the enemy.

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