Bernice King Lies, Joins Together With The Man Who Helped Assassinate Her Father. To Listening To His False Promises Of Fame, Wealth, And Power.

Bernice King has always lived behind the scenes manipulating her family life as Valarie Scott, suppressing and oppressing us by forcing us to live in poverty. The Scott family has always lived well because she helped force the Howard family to in poor condition. Every since I was a minor Bernice King has always sent guys around me to date just so she could steal my identity and live my life. The guys I have children by Bernice King would send her female cousins like Valarie Scott to have children by the same men I have kids by.

Recently I been working two jobs trying to dig myself out of the poverty ditch the family forced me to live in. Everywhere I been working Bernice sends the Walker’s and the Scott’s around just so she can steal my identity like we friends.

My whole life been manipulated because of Bernice wanting to date the men I been dating.

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