Corrupt Justice System, Took Oath To Serve And Protect. Instead The Abuse Political Power Force Women To Be Concubine To Bishop Ernest Burns.

Habersham County Judges have a reputation of incarcerating female to help Ernest Burns steal their blessing, life, and fame.

The list of females they have incarcerated for Ernest Burns is as follows; Wendy Howard, Jeanette Jackson, Lisa Camp, and Juanita Bynum.

After Ernest Burns strips away their/our rights we are forced into prostitution and sex trafficking in return judges are elevated into higher positions in office as our boyfriend through Bishop Ernest, who tell us who we can & cannot date.

Ernest Burns has been allowed to live free from because of the woman he steal from as his girlfriends. Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church allow him to operate in the church with multiple identities as he act like females husband; just to help the Justice System Steal from American Citizens.

Since the Justice System help him put his stalking charges on my record because he claimed I am his girlfriend (Vicki Burtch) which I am not. Society make sure him and his wife living comfortably while I’m forced to suffer for him. Other people take on his identity being blessed because he had you locked up in return your forced to suffer for everyone Bishop Ernest is Connected to.

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