Homeless Man Seeking Love For Shelter And Transportation Joins With Other Churches Using Teenagers As Way To Find Love. Meanwhile Habersham County Court System & Churches Helps Homeless Steal Employment By Having Innocent People Fired In Their Place For Violating The Rights Of People Who Sought After Protection

Bishop Ernest Burns Seeking For Love In All The Wrong Places, He Fell In Love With Bill Clinton After The Assassination Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For Over 5O Years Bill Clinton Has Denied Bishop Ernest Homosexual Relationship Due The Facts It Is Not The Right Image For Public Viewing.

Bishop Ernest Burns, Desirer To Prove He Is The Man For Bill Clinton Became Obsessed With Power Through Church Leadership. Boy! Has He Abused His Position of Leadership, Church Business Is Big Business For Show Business. Bishop Ernest Burns Made A Deal With Habersham County Judges, Lawyer, & Law Official For Bernice King, By Having False Charges Placed On My Records For Tv Ratings. Just To Prove To Bill He Was The Man In Charge & That He Has Bind Up The Strong Man, The Cost Is Clear For The Come And Help Him TakeOver.

Bishop Ernest Burns Job For Bernice King, Monitor My Every Move Wherever I Am Bishop Ernest Burns Has The Church Have People Following Me, After The Judge Order The Order For Him To Stop. It’s Gotten So Bad Now Law Officials Follow Me. Bishop Ernest Burns Has Church Members Have Teenager Acting Like Celebrities, As Their Being Trained How Follow, But Little Do They Realize They Are Being Sold Into Sex Trafficking. Meanwhile I Am Being Forced Out Of Employment For Carnes Creek Church Wannabe Teenage Celebrity Sierra An African American Who Portrays Herself As Young Teenage Caucasian Girl.
Bernice King, Religious Leaders, & Government Officials Said “They Fear What I Would Become!” So They Tried To Silence My Voice In All Areas of Leadership & Have Blocked All Doors Of Business. Instead Cloned My Identity In The Church I Am Known As Apostle Town, Government Leader Who They Have Forced Into Prostitution.

The Church & Government Official Said “You Must First Be A Prostitute, They Have Utilized Every Connection To Make Their Prophecy Come To Pass.

As God Called Apostle Howard, I Shall Continue To Press Towards The High Calling In Christ Jesus. I Walk By Faith & Not By Sight According To Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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