Spiritual Ignorance Caused The Assassination Of Dr. Martin Luther Jr. And The Violent Church Shooting That Claimed The Life Of His Mother Alberta Williams King.

Spiritual False Doctrine Proves Hosea 4:6 Is True My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. The False Doctrine Church Leaders Teaching Your Body Is Temple. In Today’s Society People Have Been Renting Out Their Temple To Help Hide The Adulterous Mess Leadership Tied Up In.

Bishop Ernest Burns Once Said “You Know You Can Go Anywhere You Like To, Touch People In Prayer Right From Your Living Room Without Ever Leaving Your Home!” Under his Leadership The Congregation Was Taught Telepathy Communication, In Other Words This How You Must Learn To Communicate With Me.

Bishop Ernest Burns False Doctrine Helped Claim The Of Dr. King Jr In 1968, After He Caused An Hostile Environment Ernest Burns Used The Excuse I Was Attending The Civil Rights Movement. The Day Dr. King Jr. Was Assassinated Truth Is They Shot Bishop Ernest Burns Instead, After Steal The Life & Soul Of Our Leadership Bishop Ernest Burns Has Been Living His Life With Hope Being Elevated To The Position As The President Of The United States Of America.

The Mother Of Dr. King Jr., Ms. Alberta Williams King Life & Soul Was Stole As Well Bell Bishop Ernest Burns. His Homosexual Lifestyle, As He Would Say “I Am Dating” On The Day Of June 30, 1974 Ernest Burns, Was Hiding Inside Ms. Alberta Church When His Associate Gang Members Violently Shot The Mother Of Our World Leadership Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Lies! On Top Of Lies! Told By Bishop Ernest Burns, He Tell So Many Lies He Himself Do Not Believe What He Hears Or See In The Matrix Realm He Has Lived In For Over 50 Years. Onika Maraj aka Nicki Minaj Gives Confirmation Of Their Matrix Realm Your Body Is The Church Service Meeting, By Talking About Their Conversation And Drama Over The Airwaves.

More Lies! To Gain Favor In The Land Just To Steal Blessing From His Girlfriend Who In Reality Not His Girlfriend. For Rating Nicki Minaj Has Been Dating Bishop Ernest Who She Never Meet Nor Know What He Has Done Or What He Is Capable Of. A Curse Thing Who Has Been Stealing For Fame Do Not Have The Blessing Of A Wife. Therefore Onika Maraj Pretends To Be The Girlfriend As Hiley Howard, Just So The Can Continue To Steal From The King’s Family Bloodline Fame, Wealth, & Power. The Lies He Told As Bishop Ernest Burns, Claimed Me As His Girlfriend Convinced The Justice System To Place His False Charges On My Name…

The Unwanted Girlfriend, Who’s Record Been Tarnished Labeled A Convicted Felony Because Bishop Ernest Burns Lies & Political Ties.

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