Bill Clinton Surely Knows How To Train Homosexual Up In The Way That They Should Go For Wealth, Power, & Fame. Ernest Burns Make Transgender Nick Cannon & Countless Other Males Celebrities Be His Wife So She Will Be Invited To Preach Around The World.

Benjamin & Brenda Collins My Mom Long Time Old Friend Son Nicki, Is Ernest Burns/Bill Clinton Transgender Boy Toy. His Medical Complications Come With the price of being Ernest Burns Wife.

Over the years Ernest Burns has Made men be his lover just to freeload off their girlfriend blessings. Abuse of Scripture Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife the blessing of the Lords upon him.

Ernest Burns has Been lying About false relationships with Hiley Howard since 2008 the horror year when a young lost mother decided to become the member of his congregation. After 7 years of church abuse I left the congregation without knowing the stalking lies would begin.

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