My Future Husband Left Me For Me, As Alyssa Ellis. Leader Fast Food Manager Juanita Bynum (Transgender Clinton/Burns) Teach Today Modern Female The Old Fashioned Way. How To Get A Man, As The Other Female& We Will Show You Her Favoritism.

I am the babymomma at home with my baby daddy but he left me as Alyssa. The game they play today, how to get your husband to marry them as you.

Have you ever wondered why generations after generations marriage & relationships fell in your bloodline. Well! It is not a coincidence, the Wicca JuJu witch love doctors have been helping female get married. You now have 50 couples getting married off of one female stolen broken relationship. Now! You constantly wondering “what’s wrong?” Well! Honey those bad breakups was the other chicks boyfriend’s friends, family, or associates. Business as usual their associates are getting paid now of days to breakup so their partners can get married in place of you.

Females like Shaunie, Alyssa, & Janet Jackson they fake befriend you start a lesbian relationship just to get a man to marry them and not you.

Girl! Bye…..

Bill Clinton did this to Ernest Burns, since he cannot be with the love of his life, they been mixing up relationships since 1968.

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