The Call To Preach Is The Image That, New Dating World . 1 Timothy 5:13 Call It Like It Is “wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies.” Be Still & Know That I Am God, Getting In Bed With Other Gods Is Easy. Once A Demon Setup Shop Breaking Loose Is Not So Easy.

Prostituting Yourselves after other Gods, oh! What a tangled Webb you will weave running from house to house dating Satan.

Ernest Constantly Setting up dumb matrix dates, because he could not date the guy of his dumb he has been twisting everyone’s love life up. Forcing people to date & marry the wrong person.

Not to mention Janet Kinsey the mother of Mason Kinsey who was signed to Tennessee Titans will do anything for fame & wealth. That includes stealing love & the life of African American men just for a fake million dollar contract.

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