Mentally Insane Couple Portrays Clergy Lifestyle, Vicki Burns, The 1st Lady Of Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church, In Her Mind She’s A Divorcee Who Left Her Husband But Still Living With Her Husband. So For 15 Years Her Husband Has Stalked & Harassed Hiley Howard, Because Society Helps Him Believe He’s Married To Hiley As His Wife Vicki Burns.

This mentally Ill Pastor Believes He’s Chasing His Wife, Who He’s Roommates With Because I’m Their Minds When Their Member Hiley Howard, Left His Congregation In 2015. She Walked Out As His Wife Vicki Burns, His Wife Vicki Burns Never Left. All The While Hiley Howard Being Forced In Society To Do His Mental Evaluation, Forced To Endure False Imprisonment, & Forced To Live In Poverty For Them. As The Couple Lives In Cornelia Ga Unbothered As Hiley Howard & Damaine, Who’s Identity They Stole For Comfortable Living.
To help their names pop on top of the billboards countless celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson, & Bernice King help entice Vicki Burns false Illusions. That she’s a mob boss named Hiley over Cash Money/Young Money Mafia church. who has divorced her husband Lunatic Bishop Ernest Burns.

They use their followers to go out in society with promises of payment just to cause chaos in your life. Their dumb matrix mind conversations is now manifested into the natural. Guess who pay for their stupidity, innocent citizens like you and me are now victims of these marking birds homeless lifestyles.

Ernest Burns aim for you to become a mentally insane, paranoid schizophrenic, alcoholic, drug addicted for him and his daughter Janet Jackson who is afraid to work in society.

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