Fake Friends Janet Jackson (Tae) Has Taken This 7 Letter To A Whole New Level. Janet Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Bernice King, & Countless Other Female Artist Befriends You Just To Steal Your Glory. With The Help Of Her Pimp Bishop Burns (Lil’Wayne, Pastor Bryant, Damaine) Suffers From Multiple Personality Disorders Helps Them Be Famous For You.

These petty friends, who only wanna shine to keep you from being noticed.

If your name is Tee, Janet will rename her Tae, just to be noticed to keep people from talking to you.

If you color your hair green, Janet will color her hair dark green just to be complimented to keep people from complimenting you.

If you drink chocolate milk, Janet will drink light chocolate milk just so people will tell her how healthy she is & not you.

If you sneeze, Janet will have an allergy infection just so the doctors will care for her and not you.

Lil’Wayne aka the preacher will help her steal your glory & identity. Bishop Ernest Burns if his wife cannot shine she do not want any attention on you..

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