Janet Jackson, A Black Widow Spider, Incest Blood Sacrifice, Family Members Have Lost Their Life Along Janet Jackson Hunger For Fame. Just So She Can Be In The Arms Of Her Celebrity Lover Who Never Really Wanted Her

Busta Rhymes aka Samuel Howard Known as Buster (Burns) Grace King youngest son. Buster was Janet Jackson celebrity boyfriend
as Busta Rhymes.

Human voodoo dolls how clergymen & celebrities use people to cause sickness, poverty, & misfortune in your life.

Say for instance they want to get you terminated off a job. Either they will send a lazy person to work acting like you or they will get that person fired. Then start calling you by that person name in the spirit until what they want manifest into the natural.

Blood Sacrifice, why females like Janet became lesbians. She stole the life & soul of a man, now she lives like a man & do men things including sleep with females.

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