Damaine Cursed Life, Voodoo Love Spells Being Broken. Breaking Generational Witchcraft Spells, Real Life & Wife Being Reveiled.

Damaine life has been so twisted up by corrupt preacher Bishop Ernest Burns & Bill Clinton. They used spiritual manipulation witchcraft & voodoo to make him have church by Bishop Ellis daughter only to steal power, his identity, & destiny.

The female who trying to trick Damaine into marriage Bill Clinton rearranged several lives to put in his arms. Woo the reality star had kids by Sidney Tv Star only for him to take them. Several females kids had run in with family Child Services just so Alyssa Ellis an be Hiley Howard Damaine real fiancée. To put a cherry on the top Bill Clinton send the real visual of Damaine life a Caucasian female who works in fast food and Damaine a Caucasian male driving truck. The Caucasian Damaine & Hiley couple lives together raising Damine kids he had by Alyssa. Alyssa somewhere back home living her life, she calls from time to time to check on the kids, Damaine has no dealings with her.

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