Bernice King Is Reverend Scott, Ray Scott Homeless Taking A Walk In The Park With Janet Who Has Been Forced To Be Homeless For The Jackson. Hilary Clinton Says “Be Fat & We’ll Let You Live Freely In Society. Hilary Make Sure You Eat As Told By Sending Out The Calvary Stalker To Eat What You Eat Until Your A Obese Mentally Insane Schizophrenic.

They make people become obese, just to use them as voodoo doll to tell you what to eat. They have people setting hungry all the while matrix messaging you as they manipulate your mind what to eat.

That’s why they feet hurts, the old saying “you cannot walk a mile in my shoes!” Bernice has a corn on her left pinky toe from trying to wear someone else’s shoes. Her shoes too small and Janet Jackson injections in her buttocks cutting off her circulation causing legs/knee pain.

Amputation in the future gonna cost her one leg. Satan said “set down!”

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