Shady Grove Baptist Church In Cornelia Ga., & Mt. Zion (Woo Famous Tv Star Pastor White) Take Over Wendy’s Fast Food Restaurant. Making False Allegations Of People On Their Church Payroll Through Fast Food Services. They Cause The Environment To Be Hostile, As Tony Cook, Deacon Fires Wendy’s Employees As Preachers. They Get Her Locked Up So We Can Come, If She Hits Just Fall Over.

Woo (Pastor White/Bernice) dares Woo To Start A Fight. All the while smiling in your face but in the spirit she’s bucking at you like she will hit someone (I think not). You already scare Government Housing Authorities going to evict you for having Lil’Wayne living with you, so I don’t know why you messing with people who’s not bothering you. Walking around talking about I’m getting paid to do it.

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