The Ambition Tv Show Wannabe Dangerous Thugs, Knowns How To Send “Do As We Say Or Else Threats!” By Mean of Sex To Make The Justice System Bind You Up With Any Kind Of Mental Health Result Lies! What Exactly Is “Unspecified Trauma~or Stressors~related disorders” Ernest Burns Was Diagnosed With Same Symptoms After He Left The Service.

They pay managers to make me be in a relationship with Ernest Burns then the Justice put his charges & mental health related issues on my name. Because Juanita Bynum mounted platform in his image and took his mental medication they trying to force me against my will to do the same. Make Juanita Bynum get off New Birth platform so Satan will stop making me go through what she went through
Stephanie Lancaster, the wannabe crew trainer in fast food said “we get paid for being dumb in here,” Basically there’s nothing you can do about because Donald Trump sent us we dumb for the Government & because we take their mental medication we’re protected in here.

Bishop Neil Ellis Said “your grand kids going to come up missing for Alyssa Ellis kids.

Hiley’s is Lacey inside fast food dating her husband who’s raising his ex’s girlfriend kids, Bernice king has called out the Calvary.

Hiley & Damaine forced to be apart dating through random couples so they will be taken care of and not Hiley.

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