Bill Clinton Runs The World The Justice System, Fast Food, & Counseling Recovery Center, Where Kimberly Do As Told. Bill Gave The Command “Put Something On Her, Even If Nothing Wrong With Her!” With The Help Of Sex From Janet Jackson Being With Policemen & Justice System Officials. PTSD What’s Mostly Common Among Veterans, So Bishop Ernest Burns Can Live Your Life In Society, They Said “Make Hiley Be Dumb For Them!”

Bishop Ernest Burns, after the service was diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
With the help of management & fast food workers Hiley, labeled his wife, and his wife who is not his wife gets the messy deal.

Bishop Ernest Burns in his mind he is Hiley Howard, with the help of countless people they made this happen in real life.

Because they get paid managers & supervisors positions salary at Fieldale/fast food.

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