Dylann Roof Lies Revealed, Stole Husband, Fake Celebrity Fast Food Manager & Much More. According To Bernice King Sent Preacher To Toccoa Ga, & Habersham Co. If Her Family Do Not As She Says She’ll Have The Men Locked Until Want Settle Down An Get Married. Then If You Still Failed To Comply They Have Ex Girlfriend Counselor Give Bogus Mental Health Results

It’s set in motion, get Hiley & her family locked up so Janet Gang can come over. They been meeting in the matrix and everything, got couples on play & know who going to fight who. What jobs they get when they get here, yours and mines because you locked up, on drugs, or mentally medicated.

Bernice said “either go to Crossroads or Mt. Zion or this what’s about to happen!” With you or without you & Justice System Helping.

That’s why daily they help Ernest Burns set the atmosphere get you so agitated, constantly daily with the help of the Justice system pick at you until you explode.

Dylann Roof activated, the charges on Hiley already into motion & the mental accusations are set! Now make the scene so hostile she will try it so we can live their lives

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