Get This White Steve Bishop Ernest, Janet Jackson & Wendy, Out My Family. This Not A Race Thing But This White/Black Man Is The Justice System Churches Voodoo Doo. Steve Burns Said “I Was Him Who Went To Jail, They Want Help My Family. Why You Want Go Live With Your Momma, These Caucasian Family Pig Back Riding Off Our Struggle. I Go Through War Because Of Bad Decisions Of My Family.

Bernice so hungry for power she will have her own family locked up. Just to be fast food Stephanie Lancaster the Mayor, after she has sabotaged everyone life.

They keep using my kids to hold me into poverty bondage to these Caucasian Churches who keep sending people over just to steal.

These churches & Justice System people got Steve out here in these streets you help his family, get away from my kids.

They will place a burden upon your shoulders and will not lift a finger to lighten the load

Ernest Burns is Steve & Bishop Knox helping his lies, forcing me to Wendy his girlfriend just so these Caucasian Churches will call him to preach.

I’m not going to New Birth(Shady Grove/ Crossroads Churches) because they trying to make live in poverty for Janet Jackson, Vicki Burtch, Wendy, & Bernice King.

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