The Neighbors Stalkers From Hell! Bishop Bernice King Is Jessica Living Next Door Get Her Cloned Stalker Paid Off Pretending To Be You! You Do Not Want To Be Friends, They Will Make You Be Just To Steal From You. Just To Get You Poverty Modeling Career Life, Everything They Give You They Will Take It Back & Back To The Ghetto You Go.

They church more worried about your finances, they want tithing & offering but fail to supply the land. They light bill needs to be paid.

It’s ashamed when you cannot go into nail salon without being accompanied with a Caucasian Janet Jackson & Nicki Minaj.

What even worse I am a licensed hairdresser but cannot do hair or nails because they brainwashed Jeanette Jackson, who is Janet Jackson & Nicki Minaj into believing I’m building them a nail salon.

Not mention they try get us leave the country for them so they can set back and watch what kind of death you will die for them.

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