You Got A Man, While Bernice & Girl Gang Wants That Man, Just She Can Be You Among Her Reality Borrowing Just To Seem Famous Tv Friends. That Is Not All They Took Escort Service To The Extreme, With The Number One Call Girl Vicki Burtch As Vicki Burns. That’s Right The 1st Lady Of Shady Grove Is And Was A Call Girl.

One the things Bernice King would do is have their number one call girl date all the preacher in the land. Then they sent her to Atlanta to scrape up light bill money. As Vicki Burtch got dates setup by government officials, preachers, & rappers they would follow her to make sure she got paid.

Not only was Vicki Burtch the 1st Lady of Shady Grove, she played multiple voodoo roles, the one they new would be impossible. She played the role as Hiley Howard, she got so comfortable with being dumb for Bernice & those pimps she literally started acting living Hiley’s life.

Let’s talk about taking a man, & stealing a destiny, daddy will do it for his daughter. Bishop Neil Ellis, sent his daughter Alyssa Ellis meet Damaine to secure wealth & a future husband for Bernice King, so Bernice can live her life as Hiley. Bernice & the escort squad wants Damaine so bad, just to rearrange Hiley future forcing her to become the next new escort model call girl. Bernice brought Over Damaine cousin Ashely Bell, to send a message this is real leave her/Hiley & we will pay you borrowed money for your time.

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