Friendship Church In Toccoa Ga, Members Starts Dying For Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church Members In Cornelia Ga. Bill Clinton, Sends The Command, Places A Hedge Fence Of Protection Around Bishop Ernest Burn. He Sends A Slew Of Steve’s & Damaine, Of All Nationality To Live With People Just To Take Care Of Shady Grove Church Members, As They Manipulate People Lives.

Richard, Paranoid Schizophrenic, Sent To Bind Up The Strongman, Bill Clinton Used Family Members As Voodoo Just Try & Drive His Baby Sister Crazy. In hopes their plans will work so Shady Grove Church possibly become the next mega church. Their Prostitute gets married, & Bernice King, will finally gain political power.

Trying to drive baby girl crazy, not all Bill Clinton has up his sleeve, activation obesity commands also given. They have this idiotic idea people literally starving themselves, other eating exactly what you eat, with believing they can make you eat what they eat.

Oh! Boy the games do not stop Javon Ruff, Has Keisha, Mill, & more girls fighting over him. He uses the death of their sons to send death threats.

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