Shady Grove Church War, Affecting Wendy’s Business, Maybe Even Cause Closure l To Business For Local Churches Preachers Beefing Through Management & Employees. Birdman, Girlfriend Beef Inside The Workplace, Alyssa Ellis Multiple Personalities Begs For Attention As She Joined Forces With Bitter Vicki Burtch, Damaine Ex To Pick Restaurant Fights. Church Leaders Encourage All Employees To Act Like Alyssa, Like Their All Dating Damaine, Including 15 Years Old Teenager.

Topaz the new Hiley for The Squad, she refuses to play church with. As Topaz dates Bryan (Damaine) Birdman Fights are breaking out in the restaurant among store managers as she forces employees to intercede church jealousy drama because their all dating Damaine/Birdman.

This past Sunday Vickie Burtch(Jessica) & Damaine(Random dude) had a rendezvous secret date.

Old flings never die obviously Damaine & Vicki Burtch has always kept in touch but since Alyssa on the scene with the kids Vickie still having trouble making Damaine choose her.

Not to mention Vicki Burtch hidden relationship with spot as his daughter Gihannie. They are teaching a 15 year old child voodoo at a early age, for Bernice King wear the same wig Hiley wears in hopes of forcing her not wear one at all. Vicki cannot afford maintenance of beatification a woman should have or desires to have, so if she’s bald headed then she wants you to be bald headed too.

Jessica allowed to walk through the matrix as in her mind Bernice King invited her to come mix and mingle with hopes of finding a date with Damaine/Birdman. So she can come to work with dumb conversation about how she dating a man she never met.

Bizarre World, they been playing house & church for over 29 years.

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