The Lies Janet Jackson Tell For Fame, & Wealth. Over The Years Janet Has Taken Stalking To A Whole New Level. Janet Jackson Pay Men & Women To Go Inside Factories/Fast Food Facilities Just To Fake Date. If She Gets Close Enough To You, Your Her Lover Whether You Agreed To Be Or Not. Now That She Has Claimed You As Hers, She’ll Get People Around You To Help Force You To Live In Poverty While She Gets The Good Life. send it.

Over the years Janet has been using the identity of fast food & factory workers just to keep her name popping in the industry.

That’s not all Janet Jackson has sent men to date females, boyfriends swop just so she can be famous for you.

Some of the countless men Janet Jackson has dated along her journey for fame..

Brian from Habersham, Janet is Lynn a Caucasian manager who works in fast foods & a factory.

Timothy Durham & Reverend Timothy Mt. Carmel Church of Atlanta.

Rev. Ron Simmons & Daren Simmons.

Barry My Ex..

Jessica Dabrat Fast Food worker, dating Damaine for Jessica.

I wish if Damaine wants to be with other females, then go ahead so they’ll stop staring me in the face copying everything I do.

As Woo said “I’m dating him for her so he’ll propose to me!”

Damaine want let me live but he got these girls I work with believing their dating him for Janet Jackson.

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