Church Leaders Getting Barred Off Wendy’s Church Property For Juanita Bynum & Apostle Town Who Cannot Afford Their Worship Temples. Juanita Bynum, Knows Exactly Who Can Get The Job Done, She Sent Perfect General Manager To Get Customers Banned Off Juanita Bynum Wendy’s Church Properties. Oh! The Countless Intentional Arguments Not All, Bishop Ernest Burns, Sex Trafficking & Child Molestation of 15 Years MayMay Maxwell Also Known As Gihannie Will Start The Fights Off Right In Wendy’s Church.

All this animosity in Juanita Bynum Wendy’s Church over a man they never meet Javon Darrie Also Known As Damain Birdman the Bishop of Shady Grove.

They sent an Ex employee to date the GM for Juanita Bynum, Janet Jackson, & MayMay Gihannie a 15yr teenage who knows nothing about life.

Well! She walking for them, yes! It’s true misery loves company. Juanita & the GM walking so they want you walking too because of the homeless preacher Javon Ruff & Bishop Ernest Burns, Janet Jackson them believing their stealing a man for Topaz Bryant.

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