Bishop Neil Ellis, Alyssa Ellis Family, Is The Chairman Over New Birth Missionary Church In Lithonia Ga. Bishop Ellis Is Originally From Jamacia, A Country That Is Known For Practicing Witchcraft & Voodoo. Bishop Ellis, Used The Church Across The Globe To Practice Manipulating People Minds For Selfish Use.

Illuminati Church Mafia, Political Power, & Fame.

Juanita Bynum Played Many Roles For The Black Church Illuminati Mafia, Including Head Mistress Role, Bishop Neil Ellis Main Chick. The Two Power Couple Paid Bishop Ernest Burns To Move To Habersham Co. After The Open The Doors For Bishop Burns To Gain Access To Head Bishop Over Shady Grove Missionary Church. He Reason for hire was to finish steal what wealth, political power, and fame that may have been left to the King’s family bloodline.

Over the years Bishop Ellis, would come in and out Juanita Bynum life and mysteriously disappear for long periods of time. As he manipulated her forcing her to believe he was another man with aims of having Juanita Sleep with multiple different men. Men like Bishop TD Jakes, Bishop Ernest Burns, Pastor White, Bishop Knox (through celebrities), Etc. Countless other guys Bishop Ellis role played for Bynum just to steal their identity are men like Damaine Bell, & Pastor Jamal Bryant.

That’s not all with access to the Justice System through Juanita Bynum prostitution, they have painted false charges on innocent people name. This how they build up their status connection in society as Mega Church Leaders, robbing the American people of finances just so they can live for free across the globe 1 Samuel 8 prophecy when the people desire a king.

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