How The Church Made Richard Howard Be A Homeless, Drug Addict, Paranoid Schizophrenic For Them.

Juanita Bynum (Rucker) plays the role as Jessica a fast food manager allowing church arguments to bombard the work place.

The other day Juanita (Rucker/Jessica) Bynum, was arguing with Janet (April Combs) Jackson. Janet Jackson was Richard Howard, my brother dumb girl through April Combs, in the early 90’s. This also ties Janet Jackson to Sean Diddy Combs having involvement in the early 90’s. These bizarre fast food restaurants argument has gotten several people barred of Wendy’s property. Juanita Bynum & Janet’s argument also covers up churn men leadership arguments as well! Like Pastor Jamal Bryant & Bishop Neil Ellis..

The Combs (Shirley Combs Kitchen) family stole from the Howard family through relationships with Richard Howard, Wendy, & Tanisha Scott.

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