Stephens County, Church Leaders, & Local Businesses Owners Gave The Command “Firer Her!” & We Will Take Care Of You. You As In The General Manager of Wendy’s Toccoa, Ga. The Illuminati Lead Pastor of Mega Churches Like Pastor Kerry Turner, Invited Jessica Over To Matrix Church Meet & Greet. Over The Past Couple Weeks They Been Having FaceTime Hangouts & Hookups As They Plot On How To Overthrow The Economy.

Well! With the right post the GM of Wendy’s did just what Bernice King told her to do.

The General Manager ignited/added fuel to a fire by starting an argument over sandwiches. Then lied to her manager by saying I refuse to train.

First off I am only at casher pay, she just hired a shift manager/crew trainer who never trains she only wants to give orders as they threaten to fired people or use their favorite saying “go home!” Without proper disciplinary action. That’s all the managers in Wendy’s want to do!

When I asked can I get an incentive pay for training other people the GM as usual cussing rudely said “no! Or go work somewhere else!”

Not to mention I ran drive thru, made sandwiches, & helped at times do morning prep for employees who came in at 5am & by 10am work still was not complete.

So played the role of manager, cook, & morning prep person under paid.

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