The Lies Lil’Wayne Tell! My Daughter Had To Make Sacrifices Just To Live In Atlanta, Because of What Her Father Was Tied Up In! So If I Want To Spend Time With My Daughter & Family They Claiming I’ve Crossed Over To Wayne World! That Means Janet Jackson, Nicki Minaj, & All The Females He Has Been With Gets Access To Life. Including Fame, Wealth, & Power! What World Do You Own! A Woman Who Raised Her Kids On Her Own Should Be Able To Live Freely In The World Without Being Claimed In Wayne’s Harlot World!

It’s ashame when you cannot have a decent conversation with your daughter without having a matrix conversation with celebrities who pretending to be your daughter only to steal fame & wealth.

The government alongside Bishop Neil Ellis & Bishop Burns made my biological daughter be dumb for Alyssa Ellis, Family Children Service was supposed to take Alyssa Ellis Children from her. So if I am on the phone with my daughter that means I’m on the phone with all of them Birdman Harlot. Birdman foster care lifestyle curse has manipulated my daughter life for Alyssa Ellis.

Damaine not sending me nowhere, oh! He can be on FaceTime matrix government dates with Padtor Kerry Turner & Jessica but ignore me. Life swop their Hiley & I’m them so he saying since their you I do not want to talk to you for them. I have not heard from Damain since last Saturday when after he promised to call at 6.

The government paid him to do that to test these fake charges they put on my name. Plus he’s sending Jessica a message “I don’t want you,” but they been of Facebook matrix fake dating.

That what the Wendy’s argument started over Jessica mad because I want let her walk around acting like me. Like she was dating Damaine about to get married for Alyssa. They worried about what he was doing in my bedroom. They literally sent Darrie a Chick-Fil-A manager to be Damain/Perez Combs for her so she can fake like she dating Damain.

Not to mention Lil’Wayne told Jessica/Janet Jackson “you in the family now because they had her eating everybody’s meal, in other words Lil’Wayne tried to use Voodoo to make me be fat. All because I do not want hang with females that got knives in each other back to sleep with the same man!!!!…

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