David Austin Mayor Future Snatcher. Juanita Bynum The Prophetess of The Nation, David Labeled Her To Coverup The Concubine Title. Juanita Bynum Has Been Sent Around The World For David Austin. That Is Not David Used Juanita Bynum For, She Been Stealing From Our Mothers Into Her Second Generation. Only To Create A 21 Century New Juanita Bynum Clone Prostitute Just Help David Steal Political Power. They Made Be A a Prostitute Intentionally Just To Make Us Be Future Prostitute.

That’s not all David Austin capable of, those Caucasian courthouses/White House females employees they do not do any work. They in the basement & bathrooms having sex with government officials cheating on their husband/boyfriend. To coverup their cheating they act like civilians innocent black females. David also have his Caucasian Prostitute females follow you around inside Walmart eat what you eat, in hopes of manipulating your brain to eat unhealthy or drink no water at all to manipulate your mind you have kidney failure.

This is what they been doing to Ernest Burns, Bishop Ernest Burns is a paranoid schizophrenic narcissist who do not know how to cohabitate in society. Bill Clinton boy toys scared him out of society. So Ernest thinks he chose me to be his Transgender for David Austin, hoping I would be his girl/boyfriend having anal sex for Bishop Ernest Burns.

That’s not all David Austin, the mayor of Toccoa Has done, he sent Damaine Caucasian babymomma to secure the bag have a child, just to case him up on child support. Damaine, Babymomma one of David’s Prostitute stalkers eating what Hiley eats, hoping to force Hiley to be fat, dumb, & broke for David/Juanita Bynum. When David sent Damaine Caucasian babymomma to Jefferson Courthouse to summons Damaine to child support hearing, that was Bishop Ernest Burns in Jefferson County as RJ Howard, a young teenager who they made do Meth only to end his life with suicide gun shot to the head.

David Austin, has Prostitute in all work facilities fast food & factories just to get you fired for them so they can work in government positions stealing from the American people.

David shifted from fast foods to the factory as Tay, they pay these factor worker to help them travel through the spirit causing the work space to be hostile, start a dumb argument for them. They pay by helping them get supervisors/team lead positions. Like Tay, who they teach these females to be lesbian/your boyfriend Damaine for a better job position. In return you get fired for them being dumb on the job, so they can keep a workplace full of government/celebrities employees. Tay(Ernest Burns/Damian) on her way this weekend to get her hair done at Janet Jackson(Davis) salon in Elberton Ga., to get ready for her date with Damain the Mayor this weekend as a Caucasian woman.

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