Envy & Jealousy Such An Ugly Trait Bishop Ernest Helped The Government With Countless Murders Since 1968 The Assassination Of Dr. king Jr. Countless Leaders & Innocent Civilians lost Their Lives Because Bill Clinton Made Ernest Burns Live Poverty While He Made His Homosexual Mayor & Friends Be Famous

Joe Jackson mother & father fought with Michael King Sr over financial issues, that’s what Operations Bread Baskets initiated by Dr. King Jr. Was about to help provide jobs in Chicago so they could provide for themselves. Joe Jackson was greedy and wanted more.

After the assassination of Dr. King Jr. Bill Clinton had two sexual encounters with Bishop Ernest Burns, then allowed his other toy boys to toy with his heart only to use and abuse him for fame, wealth, & power. In other words after Bill Clinton, other boyfriends had sex with him they dump him, getting married to the woman suitable to walk with them in public.

This trickery set Bishop Burns on a power trip to get even with all Bill Clinton, build up but left him living begging from church to church.

David Austin the now mayor of Toccoa Ga. Help Ernest Burns imitate countless hostile incidents in society forcing or paying black peoples to fight against their own race for a job & a house. Ruth do as they say or it’ll be you homeless & jobless.

David Austin helped Bishop Ernest Burns, create a hostile situation that caused the Assassination of Dr. King Jr., Malcom X, & Michael King’s wife Alberta Williams.

Wendy Howard, has been David’s secret get high on Meth Prostitute since the late 90’s. Wendy Howard’s, not the only one Vicki Burtch, for section 8 vouchers. Just live inside Housing Authority so Church Clergymen could get their church property taxes paid, with no worries of about church utilities going unpaid.

Females like Nicki Minaj & Kim Kardeshian, they pay those celebrities to have babies, just to rent out their kids future. Your sons & daughter are not born homosexual, those grown children pedophile turn your child out before they realize who they are in life. Their future been sold for section 8 fame, wealth, & power.

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