Obese Stalker Jessica The Former General Manager of Wendy’s, Hand Chosen By The Mayor & Citizen Of Toccoa, Ga., To Be Hiley Howard. Due To Envy & Jealousy, Why They Made Hiley Live Homeless For Them But By The Grace Of God, Gods Wisdom Turned The Bad Wises Into A Livable World!

The King’s of the land believes they have a plan for your life, as God know the plan he have for you.

Corrupt Clergymen & politicians using slothfulness to their advantage by teach Jessica/Alyssa Ellis former managers of Wendy’s how to use voodoo. Bernice & Ashley Bell, wants to play the role as Damain & Hiley, for the government. They have to keep up what they started forcing Damaine to live in poverty hoping he do not press towards his higher calling in leadership. If they can trick Damine out of walking in his leadership role, they can trick into dating David, section 8 Prostitute & steal his political power. They rearranged Damaine life by tricking him to have kids by Alyssa Ellis, Nia Long.

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