Janet Jackson & Vicki Burtch, Will Not Work In A Pie Factory Tasting Pies. If They Do Call Themselves Working They Try To Date, Have Sex With The Bosses Or Women In Charge Just To Make It To The Top!

David Austin a former Ex-Klan men who helped with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has learned to cohabitate with African American by making men be women/homosexuals just to steal political power.

They try to trick you out of your place in life, just so they can live your life.

David Austin, has been protecting preachers like Bishop Ernest Burns, his accomplice in crimes. Getting people fired off their jobs is one David favorite thing, once they get you fired society organizations help these men stay in church positions & Justice Department as you.

Well! Bishop Ernest Burns not the only boy Toy David the mayor been taken care of. The List is long tied to blacks in Toccoa, Ga., who David been using to steal from the community people like Scott Martin (trying to make Daniel have a stroke for Ernest Burns Wife Vicki Burns), Topanga, Tiff, the Maxwell, Apostle Mary Town & Countless more.

They trying to run me out my hometown to give Apostle Mary Town my organization & get Alyssa Ellis, Married just to keep Damaine in bondage to poverty for these celebrities.

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