These Hating Crimnal Justice Church Folks, they say either date who we say date & stop working on building or else. Mr. Singendonk Lied About Looking Over Files Concerning Payment. If You Have Not Checked File How You Know $20 Something Was Paid? Bernice King/Janet Jackson, Been Talking To Rev. Timothy/Timothy Quick. So If She Talking To A Man It’s A Must Hiley Talk To Timothy.

Ernest Burns, Timothy Quick Superior Judge, Rap Artist, & Clergyman abuse their authority. Superior Judge Said “date Tim or else!”

With the help of Justice System Ernest Burns is allowed to taunt civilians daily, they want you to repeat Alberta Williams Shooting Just Have yYou Incarcerated So They Can Rise In Political Power. This Officer Is One One Of David Austin Homosexual. Ernest Burns, Went in his head to his office and made this man stalk me. That’s! Not All They Locked Richard Howard, Up Again For Ernest Burns, To Coverup Janet Jackson Screwing Superiors Judge Timothy Quick!

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