Toccoa, Ga., Watch Out The General Manager Of Wendy’s Dumb For Governor Kemp. Feeding The Mayor David Austin, He Comes To Wendy’s To Eat At Least 3 Times A Week. The Mayor Meets Weekly With His Associates Bill (As In Bill Clinton), Ms. Johnson (for Toya Johnson), & Mrs. Fulbright (Rusty The Sheriff Related). Well! Jessica, Seem To Have Some Pull With The Government That Will Ignite A Visit From Community Supervision Officers Singendonk. All The Mayor Do Is Set And Start Drama Versus Trying Make Toccoa Better Place. Him & His Sidekick Clergymen Are Issues In Toccoa, Ga.

That’s not all the Mayor has been up too. Ashley Bell was hand chosen to clone Damaine his cousin. David Austin, used Ashley Bell, to steal from his cousin future, with the help of Bernice King as Hiley Howard. Over the years David, has been able to keep Damaine & Hiley apart by helping Ashley Bell live Damaine married life. This way David Austin, can trick Damaine out his political power by having him in multiple relationships with Prostitute like Alyssa Ellis. David, has sent multiple female to be his babymomma just case him up on child support payments.

Mr. Ashley Bell’s, as Damain in the justice system has open several doors for him to meet the one and only Ms. Onika Maraj aka Nicki Minaj. Ashley Bell’s, not only Damaine, for the justice system he has been Damaine, for Bernice King, rap artist, & Tv celebrities.

Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson, & Toya Johnson as old Ms. Johnson who a part time secretary for Dickerson law firm here in Toccoa, Ga. These ladies feel they have a right to meet Damaine/Ernest Burns, because they been having secret oral sexual meetings with Ashley Bell as Damaine, & other private government officials.

All these years they used Ashley Bell, got him married just to Damaine & Hiley apart. Well! His marriage is kinda standing on eggshells for his adulterous behavior with Bernice King.

Ashley Bell, has dragged the family into his messy government celebrity lifestyle. Ashley mom making Damaine be dumb. Ashley Bell’s (Damaine) mother told Ashley, stay away from Bernice King (Hiley) because of who her family is. Wherever Ashley & Bernice, not communicating he’ll stop Damaine communication with Hiley.

David Austin, has filled in the gap for Hiley not being allowed to be in Damaine, life. The gap filler is the one and one Alyssa Ellis, who they help have secret conversations with multiple celebrities like Lil’Wayne as Pastor Bryant! Sneaky!!!!

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