How Alyssa Ellis Snagged The Bag Damaine. Her Past Sins Haunting With A Silent Cry To Tell The Truth.

Bishop Neil Ellis, revealed to Alyssa Ellis, around 2010/2011 “you are my daughter!” That’s when the the show “it takes the church to find you a husband!” & “love after lockup!” Well! The church tried to hold their promise with finding her a husband, with witchcraft & voodoo.

Life swop now into play after I became a member of Shady Grove Church Bishop Ernest Burns saw her future in my life. Ernest Burns had it setup to meet Alyssa Ellis, for the gang so girlfriend mode could be activated. Ernest Burns as Damain in 2010/11 had a lot twisting lives to do and he did with the help of the church mafia.

Alyssa Ellis, was Janet Jackson, lesbian girlfriend first. At some point after she had real sex with Bishop Ernest Burns, she emailed Bishop Neil Ellis (Eddie Long) as Jeanett Jackson. I remember Bishop Eddie along Calling Jeanett Jackson, name out over the prayer call, she sent in a prayer request email. Alyssa Ellis was driving to Atlanta/Lithonia, Ga in 2011. This was around the time Dr. Juanita Bynum, & Bishop Eddie Long, had the Prayer Crusade At New Birth.

After Alyssa Ellis, had sex with Bishop Ernest Burns, she started being Lil’Wayne, girlfriend talking to her via matrix FaceTime. At one time he had a number put on the internet to call him directly which gave her confirmation they were talking as a couple. Then after the started dumb date have matrix sex.

In the meantime Vicky Burtch & Kendra Winters Wyatt, was tricking off with these pastor Pimp as well. Vicky as Alyssa, came to my home in Clarksville, Ga., said “I cannot take care of my son, so I want to give you partial custody!” That was Alyssa Ellis, giving her away before she gave birth to them as told. Alyssa, was sent on an assignment to snag the bag have kids & give them up. This sign screams Birdman, who was a foster child himself.

As all this was happening, at the same thing blood was being shed just so Vicki Burtch could cross over to meet Janet Jackson. Illuminati shut your mouth blood sacrifice of Gabrielle Brown helped Vicky Burtch crossover.

Lawyers meeting family members tied to people inside this mafia like David Austin (Timothy Quick uses drug cases meeting to coverup secret conversations with Lee Daniel the family members of Barry Daniel’s etc).

Donald Trump, was paid to go to prison for these corrupt politicians.

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