Church Lies, Alyssa Ellis Is Janet Jackson, Dating Damaine For Fame. The Relationship Games They Play. Alyssa Ellis, Was The Church Preacher’s Girlfriend, They Decided To Play Life Swop! Force Hiley, To Go Out Into The Tv World For Alyssa Ellis, & These Toccoa Wannabes Celebrities So They Can Live Hiley Country Quiet Life Being Taken Care Of Inside Factories & Planning Weddings!

All these preacher been acting like Damain, trying to force me to date them for Alyssa Ellis/Vicki Burtch. In reality I suppose to have been dating Damain, but they been paying Damaine to crap on Hiley, to date Janet/Alyssa Ellis. Damain, want stop having these preacher follow and get me fired for his Prostitute celebrity girlfriend but supposedly breaks up with me for them but you still track me!!!

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