Single, Young, & Being Prepared To Be A Help Meet, As God Described In Genesis 2:18. Apostle Hiley Howard’s, Not Allowed To Date In AcLand Full Of Jeroboam Kings. Their Plans For Her, Force Her To Become Alyssa Ellis (Janet Jackson), Prostitute. Exactly How Bishop Jakes, Made Juanita Bynum, Be Sarah Jakes, Prostitute. That’s Right Their Daughters Get Your Married Life.

Robbed from his youth Damaine has had to live his life as Ashley Bell,

From the President to celebrities they have been inviting people over as Damain would have invited his future wife to meet his family.

Well! People like Bernice King has been using that invitation like a revolving door. They come in one way and leave another life swapped.

Not only has Bernice King, been utilizing the Bell’s family invitation, countless pastors like Bishop Knox’s, Apostle Town, Pastor Bryant, & Dr. Juanita Bynum, used it with intention of giving his wife the Good Samaritan beat down run through.

Bishop Ernest Burns, took the invitation to a whole new level by living his life Habersham Co. as Damaine, himself. Sleeping with Damaine, babymomma, stalking his real wife as he ran away with his imagination Hiley Howard was his girlfriend because of his hidden relationship with Alyssa Ellis.

After much prayer, the real intention was revealed Ashley Bell, in the picture above represented Damain, but the only way Bernice King, could actually meet the real Bell, first cousin must date first. They sat it up that Damain, would temporarily date Hiley, as celebrities couples breakup. Bernice gave the command to Damaine breakup and block her.

Yes! Bernice King has paid countless men to repeatedly come into her cousin Hiley Howard’s life only to use and abuse for Bernice King, selfish reasons for power, fame, & wealth.

All this to coverup Pastor Bryant relationships with Bernice King…

The Church celebrities swinger’s club…

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