How Janet Jackson Get Concerts Gigs & Church Leaders Get Their Utilities Paid. Janet Jackson As Stephanie Wilson, Celebrities That Have Their Families Working Inside Factory Get Their Workers Hired Over Your Seniority. Bishop Ernest Burns,Determined To Give Vicki Burns His 1st Lady The Mayors Title. So Much More Janet Jackson And Hater Cousin Bernice Kings Worried About If Hiley Howard’s Boyfriend Giving Her Oral Sex Or Not. They Have Been So Determined To Steal Every Man Hiley Has Dated, By Sending Their Guy Friends Family Male Friends To Date Hiley Then Suddenly Breakup & Disappear. New Birth Factory In Hartwell, Ga., Drama, This How Christian Leadership Acts.

Janet Jackson got hired as Stephanie Wilson.

How celebrities steal from innocent workers, the Tv Show Ambition Stephanie Lancaster (Mayor David Austin) works in a factory. Bishop Ernest Burns, like men cross dressers so his wife Vicki Burns is a slew of men out in society Ashley Bell (as my son Jim Barnett), Mason Kinsey is Ernest Burns secret homosexual lover, who he got signed with Tennessee Titans.

The last catch of the day is Mr. Damaine Bell, it has not been Hiley Howard, he has wanted it is Damain Bell, these Government homosexuals barbarian & church leaders want force to become a homosexual to steal his life & political power.

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