Kuztom Kutz Trendy Gutter Queen Sexy Classy Fashion Line Has Arrived.

Sexy Classy Date Night Require Sexy Presentable Option That Have All Eyes On You From Head To Toe…
Sexy Classy Chain Design, For After Dinner Lover’s Lane Chain In The Secret Romance Chamber Room…
Gutter Queen & Bitter Betty Mad Squad, Fashion Tee-Shirt Collection For Casual Wear. Bitter Betty Mad Statement “We on a mission Lyfe2Grand To Be Bitter, I’m on a paper chase.”$20 per shirt..(S) (M) (L)

As we walk through the valley of shadow of death; dry bones wearing our spiritual warfare fashion tee’shirt. We step in faith saying Satan we’ve been redeemed by the blood we’er claiming our souls & power. $20 (L) (M) (s)

Kuztom Design Net One Pice Suit $25, Great for party night with the Lady. Its a reel in a net of fish, all eyes on me outfit. With the prefect lace under garment.
Rainbow body dress, great for brunch or evening wear w/ pair strap sandals or cute pair of heels. $25 one size fit all..
Lace Body 2 piece Skirt Suit w/ a Kuztom Kutz chain design.All you need are some cute heels & the date will cast his hook into the sea to reel you in soon as you step out on water.

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