Kuztom Kutz Story News Letter, Delilah Death Sega.

Delih, was an ordinary upstanding citizen, well known within the community. She seem to take a liken to the town people except for one known person who was viewed as the town villain by the name Dodge. Neither Delilah, nor the town people knew much bout Dodge, other than his presence to them would evoke them to lash out violently towards him each time he visited town or social events, which wasn’t often. Dodge, would only visit town three times a week to gather needed personal items.

Each time Delilah, passed or saw Dodge, Coming afar Delilah, would chant “beware, beware, of the dark soul who lurks afar who’s heart so cold, secrets untold, and has power to possess your soul.” Instantly the townsmen group that was around would began to chant “beware, beware, of the dark soul who lurks afar who’s heart so cold, secrets untold, and has power to possess your soul.” At that  very moment when they began chanting an evil spirit would possess them all causing them to attempt physical harm against Dodge.

One particular day Delilah, saw coming afar she began chanting “beware, beware, of the dark soul who lurks afar who’s heart so cold, secrets untold, and has power to possess your soul,” she quickly ran to the town cook whom she was quite entangled with and persuaded him to heat up some pig’s blood. Once Dodge got to the center of town Delilah, cast the blood upon him causing Dodge, to faint from shock, the evil spirit that was upon the towns people caused them to act as if all was well and they carried on with their daily social agenda. Dodge, only blacked out for a short moment and manage to stumble back to his cottage in the woods outside of town. It took some time for Dodge, to heal and regain his strength back to travel back to town, he had enough supplies to last for the time being.

Each day as Dodge, Recuperated Delilah, would arise and go to the center of town to await thinking assuredly he would arrive today to restock his supplies for she had mastered the ultimate plan to rid the town of this soul snatching villain.

Two season passed, summer and fall, still no site of Dodge, winter breeze slowly began to creep in.

Delilah, rarely left town but as the temperature continued to drop the town cook got ill and he sent the town messenger to fetch Delilah, to send her on a trip outside of town to bring back some rare medicine that only the witch doctor possessed. Delilah, couldn’t refuse the trip for her dear friend life depended upon it.

As ‘Delilah, sat out on her journey not realizing how far she had traveled she became weary along the way and in need of some rest she came upon a small cottage in the center of the woods. The only thing the messenger told her was you will know your exact location at which the time completely stop!

When Delilah, approached the small cottage she called out ‘I passed yonder way and if it set well with your soul if I may abide but for a moment to continue on my way?” When the old man open his door up Delilah, fail to recognized that it was Dodge, the town villain, for his hair and beard had grown out, his appearance had completely changed. Dodge, instantly recognized Delilah, but didn’t acknowledge it. Instantly Dodge, replied “as the season changed winter has called for  stranger to my way.”

Delilah, says “it’s you the town villain?”

Dodge, reply “indeed it is I but a villain I am not”

Delilah, “what revenge do you have in store for me? Pleaser allow me to continue on my journey in search of the witch doctor for my dear friend life depends upon my return.

Dodge, replied “ up the stairway awaits that which you desire, at the mirror of life.”

As Delilah, approached the mirror of life, Dodge, chanted in the back ground “mirror, mirror, on the wall only you possess the truth of the soul, in which able to heal illnesses of a plaguing soul.” Instantly a ghost appearance flashed across her face, she quickly turned running straight out the door into the wilderness jungle so quick Delilah, ran to the edge her head was caught in tree branch and her body drop into the abyss.

A silent whispered in the breeze “low and behold the mirror of life has the power to reveal the true intention of the soul.”

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