Kuztom Kutz News Letter; Recognizing Your True Identity As We Journey Through The Wilderness Of Life.

Knowing your place & who you are in life, we was designed to be kings & priest to reign over our region throughout society; to live in harmony & order. In a kings palace which can also be describe as head of state.

As we journey through life we can learn to utilize the palace principles applying these principles to each individuals life style.

It seem as we grow in life, the older we get, we revert back to a child like state. Aging but not truly maturing psychologically.

The kings palace principle is a manual guide for us to apply to your own home/head of state. Within the ground you have till, in today’s society we have other people over stepping their boundary’s reigning over territories they haven’t till or sowed any seeds into it, to help it manifest.

In the palace you have dignitary setting at the head of the table which are described as kings, kings can also know as monarch.

As we learn to apply the King regnant principles to our life we don’t have to be a ordained clergymen, just take their duties & apply it to your home/head of state. How do you or why do you think you have a right to possess or rule another person ground you have not till/work for? When you haven’t even applied proper guidance insight to lead your own inner sanctuary. Sanctuary may seem like we must set aside life & live holy.

No! knowing the King Regnant Principle will give you insight to the order of the church, for we are the church journeying in the wilderness of Life. Do you know how many home are across the nation who are marked on their forehead with the seal as a servant of our God. In the book of Revelation it describe the number by twelve thousand according to each tribe. If you know who you are & know your worth you will begin to govern yourself accordingly.

Know who you are along this dark wilderness journey will give you shinning light insight on where your going. For El’shaddi, said in Rev. 5:9; we have been redeemed by the blood(bought w/ a price) out of every family & mouth & vessel & nation. Heaven he made kings & priest to El’shaddi. We have dominion here on earth.

Know the order of your worth, as we journey through life applying the King Regnant Principles. Applying the King Regnant Principle as a king in your home, this will give you insight to govern yourself accordingly learn to till your own ground before you overthrow, trespassing trying to till your neighbors ground.

Know your place & who you are in life as we journey through the wilderness of life.

When we begin to apply this everything else will slowly fall away enable us to walk accordingly as he has planned for our lives. As we learn to live harmony as journey through the wilderness of life.

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