Kuztom Kutz Poetry; Wrestling With Nature Of Life, As It Twirls & Hurls You Throughout Life.

Twirling & hurling about in life seeking a moments place of peaceful rest.

As you wrestle with a raging sea wave of thoughts. You almost surrender to the command of the raging sea waves as they violently twirling & hurling you about along your journey.

Suddenly pain disguised as a thorny rose speak silently through the breeze flowing across the raging sea.

At that moment a surging bundle of energy suddenly replenish your mind, body, & soul. Enabling you to remember the purpose of your journey.

As the pain disguised as a thorny rose speak across the raging sea silently, ” hey you there waddling as your being twirled & hurled about on your life journey, a taste of joy must have a teaspoon of bitterness to balance out the harmony equation for this life journey.” (Pause harmony ocean breeze cleansing healing) once again the pain disguised as a thorny rose speak across the raging sea silently through the raging sea twisted breeze,” don’t lack to understand your healing, for as you allow yourself to heal this now becomes your energy. Don’t waddle in pain neither beg it to stay, politely hand it a water bottle & a lunch baggy with these instruction; “hurry along your way eat & be merry for you have served your purpose there’s no longer a need for you to stay; for your weight is like a anchor that’s hindering my boat from floating & completing my journey. At this moment you shall no longer block my peace by having me anchored in your misery as we both are twirled & hurled about in life wrestling with a raging sea of thoughts. Peace! be still, for I no longer welcome pain to sail with me along my journey.

~Hiley R, Howard~

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