El’shaddi Kuztom Kutz Revelation Mysteries of The Kingdom Spiritual Enlightenment.

From the beginning God had given man dominion over the earth, after he created all living thing according to the manifestation of life.

God knew the fall of man would happen for he stated in Jeramiah 10 he knows the plans he has for you.

When Adam, sinned & lost dominion here on earth, God had already set in order those whom he desired to rule over the creeping things of this world.

Greek mythology has for decades been known as a myth of fairy tales but if you study closely the book of Revelation, it will give you a glimpse of enlightenment that ties closely to the insights of the Greek Myths.

The book of Revelation, is the End which is the the Beginning of God insight that was designed in Heaven( the spiritual realm); but we are described as a reverse generation who seeketh after a sign(Matt 16:4).

It states in Revelation 1:18 I am He who live & was dead & behold I am alive forevermore. Amen & I have the keys of Hades & of Death. Revelation 1:10 state I am the Alpha & The Omega, the First & the Last. Revelation 19:16 King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

At this time if introduction God was introducing himself as the overseer of all creation as he spoke to his spiritual kingdom. For God knew all that he had created in the spiritual realm would become a natural manifestation, & would require a overseer to help manage order in the world.

In Exodus 18: 1-27 when Moses, was sent to guide God people into the wilderness Jethro, went to Moses, & recommended Moses, select judges to help govern the people ( See how God speaks for God knew the things of this world was too grand, it’s not that he couldn’t handle it). God is a God of peace & Love, God knew that chaos, corruption, & wickedness would plague the world, therefore God appointed other Gods, Kings, & Rulers to the level of life in which he designed according to their strength to govern over the affairs of this world.

If you study closely in Genesis it states God had given man dominion over all things that creepeth upon the earth but since man fail to till the ground, for their eye’s was set on chasing after worldly flesh material things. The Greek Gods govern the ground spiritual realm & forces of nature in the world.

In Revelation God said he has the keys to Hades & of Death, But appointed the brother of a Greek God known as Zeus, who was appointed king of Gods, Lord of the sky, Zeus’s brother Hades, ruled the darkness. That why God said I am king of Kings Lord of Lords in the book of Revelation.

God is a God of order & the hidden things are being made known, brought forth into the light so that we can began to know who we are, know your place. For this nation has been out of order since the beginning of time. God calling forth order.

God designed a hidden secret society to govern over his people/flock because his people chose to follow a path of materialism without wisely guidance. Therefore just as the secret society govern over the people, the Greek Gods govern over them disguised as the Forces of Nature. King of Kings, Lord of Lords; Greek Gods Overseers.

~Spiritual Eye of the Beholder; Hiley R. Howard( El’shaddi Revelation)~

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