Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Sends Greeting. Along Your Journey In Life Seek & You Shall Find; Knock & The Door Shall Be Opened To You. When Your Destiny Has Be Ordained Heaven & Hell Will Move On Your Behalf.

(Psalm 95:3-5)

3For the LORD is a great God, 

a great King above all gods.

4In His hand are the depths of the earth, 

and the mountain peaks belong to Him.

5The sea is His, for He made it, 

and His hands formed the dry land.

Zeus the supreme ruler, lord of the sky; Zeus power was greater than all the other Gods. He was known for making the mortals believe they was something their not; He would reveal himself through the rustling of the oak leaves.
Hera Zeus wife protector of marriage & married women. She known to be mean & jealous, for punishing humans even if you haven’t done any wrong. She if you crossed her she always remember & is she wanted revenge
Hades, Zeus brother ruled the underworld; as known as King of the dead & God of wealth. Hades, wasn’t welcomed no one wanted 2 visit him, he wasn’t evil, but was known as a terrible.
Apollo’s son of Zeus & Leto, the invisible Gods, Apollo’s, also known as the Silver Bow, the Archer-God, & the Healer. He was the first to teach mortals how to heal as the the God of truth.
Artemis, Apollo’s twin sister protector of Children, she was the moon, & Apollo’s the Sun.
Hermès, son of Zeus, known for moving swiftly & gracefully everywhere throughout the world of Gods & world of humans. He led souls down to their last homes in the underworld, Hades. He is the cleverest of all the gods of Hades.

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