Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Sends Greeting Poetic Flow; Lyfe2Grand To Remain Stagnant….

Shouting What A Grand Day…

Lyfe2Grand To Remain Stagnant…Standing At The Mountain Top…

As A Curious Breeze Whistle By “How Can Stand So Profoundly?”

Lyfe2Grand Shouts Down…”Well!..I Refuse To Remain Stagnant So I Hurl Into The Whirling Winds of Lyfe…Being Tossed About…Dancing & Prancing; Just Refusing To Remain Stagnant.”

Along The Way Dream Crusher Crossed Me Along My Trial climbing To The Mountain Top.

It Was Quite Obvious Dream Crusher Lack Understanding..A Natural Born Entrepreneur Always Rise Back 2 The Top; Creating & Designing Building A True Dream Out Of Nothing…

~Lyfe2Grand To Remain Stagnant~

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