Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Send Greetings; Life To Grand, But Not Grand When Your Happiness & Opportunity Being Sacrificed So That The Million-Billionaires Can Have.

The Americans people since the beginning of time has been known to follow keeping up with the Jones. The COVID-19 financial world advocate has spoken & made it quite clear the average millionaire, billionaire in order for them to obtain this life; They had to foresee upcoming riches in another life, sacrificing them for their selfish lavish lifestyle. Not only are they sacrificing & robbing the American people so that they cup will run over, some that portray this lifestyle don’t really have financial means to keep up this lifestyle. When financial burdens hit their house hold it cause a financial strain in society because of the scheme & lies to live a lifestyle of keeping up with the Jones. America it’s okay to live at your financial means level, so not only you can have a chance to live the American Half-A-Millionaire Dream.

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