Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Sends Greeting; Society You Are America.

As a African American young woman growing up in America, coming from a lower class broken home, on the other side of the tracks; I was labeled early & tagged by the system. Over the years I learned to stop being tagged by the system & started to learn about the system. As my maturity began to awaken me I returned back to school to pursue a education in Criminal Justice, which halted my pursuit in the healthcare field. I had been in & out of the healthcare field since I was 17, nursing assistant was my first job ever. At a early age my dream was to become a nurse & move to California, but of course life intervened & we chose the long way around.

As I began to see the injustice of my people my education career choice changed. Considering that I came from the very place it seemed at the time the justice system was robbing society, in which rob or be robbed was my original home where I grew up. I figured I could go into the justice system to learn the law in order to invoke change for my people.

Law pertains to our everyday living & without knowledge of it you will be drowned by the corruption of the system. So I enter into the system from the other side. It’s a totally different world going from being walk in with hand cuffs on to walking in a court setting with the lawyers & judges analyzing case.

After obtaining my Criminal Justice Diploma I quickly learned it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know in a small town southern tradition justice system. The grey area quickly flashed before my eyes I saw clearly the justice system only work for those who work for he system.

As the broken system continue to evolve straying further away from the biblical foundation of the constitution in which the law was founded upon, society continued to spiral out of control.

As the society v/s the law continued to sky rocket out of the social norm the nation was psychologically oppressed with COVID-19 peek-a-boo waving “Hi,” I want to join the force of injustice brutality that’s plaguing & oppressing the American people.

Now as the injustice brutality & the stress of oppression psychologically breaks down the mental state of our people, not only are we battling natural sickness, we now pushed into a feeble stated not just seeing faith for self but seeing for the nation as a whole.

This COVID-19 injustice brutality isn’t speaking in singular form, it spoke in plural volume across the nation. So the last thing the American people want to hear about is an argument about Obama Care, while facing a plague that wiping out society anyway. The Obama Care already in full bloom action which has had a positive affect. Do we totally agree with it, maybe some do, & maybe some don’t. The real question what is this take away from the American people pocket just to put in other pocket, a positive to cover the negative will give kick back result.

The argument shouldn’t be about doing away with it, but when will it be/should’ve already been made better. It’s quite clear we have to many chief & not enough Indians, those in office are more concerned with their next level of position in office their neglecting the position they already possess.

If a pandemic can strike this nation in a matter of minutes & we flip right around in less than two mouths print trillions of dollars, where it went ring around the roses a pocket full of who knows! Now you want the nation to believe it takes 5yrs to resolve a solution on a suitable healthcare plan, tie a society that’s still oppressed by the injustice brutality, just more stress.

How you fix one thing, only for the others to continue to add psychological stress oppressing the American people. Psychological stress is one of the number one key to unlock the gateway for sickness to consume the American people.

If the justice system can work for those working for the system, it can work for the society who pay taxes to the system. That knowledge isn’t to belittle us, it supposed to serve & protect us.

We the American citizens must do our role as well in order for the united as one we stand to actual show an effect.

If the can print trillions of dollars in just a few months to go ring around the rose into the pocket of those printing it, there’s enough common sense to come together without the level of degree or who you know or how long you been knowing & doing it, to hinder this matter a issue at hand that should’ve been resolved.

We all know once you hit 63 & 65 or if you have a child, you qualify for the Medicaid & Medicare government funded program.

Some know & some don’t know that they have free government grants, foreigners usually use this program when they come into the country, they apply for this money that they don’t have to pay back. How you think some come into the country an automatically start a business(gas station).

Now we have Obama Care that’s supposed to affordable healthcare so once you do away with it, you still have to come up with a plan that’s price based according the level of incoming COVID-19 allowing the American people to have.

God knows the government not gonna allow us to receive free healthcare, which considering this pandemic that rocked the nation, there should be a government allotment for a duration of time like unemployment.

Therefore affordable healthcare isn’t the real argument here, its quit obvious this is a stalling of time to make it seem like it’s a top priority. Besides what other quicker way to depopulate society other than a natural stress deterioration elimination of the American people after all heart attacks is one the number one killers.

The answer against injustice brutality isn’t fight a physical fight taring up your society, its a moral standard fight standing in knowledge faith power, until you see change.

The American people we are the justice system, we are the healthcare.

American people we are the change, voting puts them into office, this doesn’t constitute to put the blame on them.

We are the American people leadership in society, it starts with us.

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